Pilot & Indus range
Our expertise and our solid experience allow us to respond to all types of R&D, laboratory or industrial production projects. We provide turnkey solutions and tailor-made support to our client. The installation control system, based on PLC and SCADA technologies, is designed to offer a high level of automation and safety in biotechnological processes. The operator interface (HMI) efficiently manages and controls your culture data. The formatted data is also available to the user.
Main Features
  • Sterilization in Place (SIP)
  • Cleaning in Place (CIP)
  • Culture vessel from 10L in high quality stainless steel with high finish
  • Instrumentation for the control and measurement of pH, pO2, pCO2, pressure, temperature, antifoam, optical density, redox, weight, etc...
  • Choice of optical or polarographic probes
  • Wide choice of fixed and/or variable speed peristaltic pumps
  • Large selection of MFCs and rotameters for gas mixing
  • Mechanical or magnetic stirring system from the bottom or from the top with speed feedback
  • Control system with industrial PC and touch screen
  • C-Bio 2™ SCADA software
  • Full qualification support
  • Technical documentation
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Powerful control platform with data logging
  • Safe to use thanks to automatic sequences for sterilization and pressure holding test
  • Securing the system thanks to the functionalities managed in the PLC
  • Fully customizable modular system
  • Precision instrumentation to ensure reliable and efficient culture control
  • Direct access to valves, filters, …
  • Self-draining piping
  • High performance stiring set
We have the skills required for each stage of your project, whether you require a compact skid or a stand-alone industrial installation.
Our priorities
  • To satisfy you, GPC: a close-knit, motivated and dynamic team. 
  • Innovate every day to support you in your industrial challenges. 
  • Respect your technological and environmental constraints: flexibility and adaptability are two fundamental values that GPC cultivates. 
A wide range of pilot bioreactors is available to meet all types of microorganism culture and cell culture. Sterilisable in place, stainless steel bioreactors exist for volumes ranging from 5L to 600L. Their modular design and the large variety of options offered make it possible to customize each of these bioreactors.
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A wide range of industrial bioreactors and fermenters is available to meet all types of microorganism culture and cell culture. Sterilisable in place, stainless steel bioreactors exist for volumes ranging from 600L to 5000L. Their modular design and the large variety of options available allow each one to be personalized.
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These special design vessels have been designed to optimize light exchange with the culture medium. Similarly, the agitation has been revised to give maximum pumping effect with minimum shear. The light panels are fully controllable in terms of intensity and wavelength. This product offers total control of the needs for microalgae cultures.
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Whether the revamping is called a retrofit or an upgrade, the difficulty of the operation remains the same. This is about improving an old device to bring it to a level of performance and control identical to a new device. If the exercise is not too complicated on laboratory equipment, it is on a whole new level on industrial installations. The risk is to compromise the project, even the installation. The key is the mastery of all the trades coming into play, the sequence of tasks and the anticipation of differences in size or technology. With its experience in the field, whether in mechanics, interfaces or automation, GPC will be able to offer quality revamping in the shortest possible time.
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