C-BIO 2™ software
C-BIO 2™ is the control software for all GPC installations. Its flexibility allows the use of the same software from small volumes of R&D in the laboratory to large industrial production units. GPC's philosophy is to offer the most open command and control platform, with the most complete functionalities on the market while having an intuitive use.
Access levels
Several levels of access to functionalities are directly configured. You can therefore choose in the C-BIO 2™ the number and the quality of the people having access to it, then modify the levels of access according to the evolution of the need for quality security of your processes or of the company.
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Trends management
  • Edition and display of 24 trends simultaneously.
  • Edition and configurations of X and Y scales, intervals.
  • Display of current production batches.
  • Reticle function.
  • Display points or trends.
  • Manual or automatic zoom function.
  • Editing colors by trends.
  • Grid/guide display.
  • Edition of the database in graphic or text form.
  • Comment function.
  • Data saving in .csv file.
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Calculation module
The calculation module allows you to create calculations using the analog values recorded by the system as well as constants. Calculations are constructed with operators and functions similar to those found in spreadsheet software. The result of the calculation can be recorded during a batch and displayed on a graph in the same way as the physico-chemical parameters. The calculations will allow you to have the average or instantaneous values of consumption, production, slope, growth rate, biomass rate per unit of substrate... It can be associated as a measurement or setpoint with a virtual calculation controller and therefore act on the process.
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The C-BIO 2™ programmable controllers are another example of the possibilities left to the user by the software to configure the process. Each controller can be completely reconfigured by the user with the rights. Thus, the control mode, the PIDs, the actuator(s) and the action on a rising or falling pulse can be set manually or automatically during a sequence. To complete the number of functions, free controllers can be left available to the user. In this way, new parameters, calculations, feeds or samples can be controlled... For example, it is quite possible to regulate PO2 according to its slope (obtained by calculation) by acting on a stream of glucose feed...
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The sequence module makes it possible both to conduct a culture in the laboratory independently and to control a complete industrial installation. Its intuitive drop-down menu design allows you to easily program:
  • Controller settings (PID, setpoint, operating mode, measurement, actuator, etc.)
  • Actuators, valves, pumps...
  • Starting and stopping other sequences
  • The triggering of conditioned actions
  • Parameter monitoring and reporting when needed
  • Interaction with the calculation module (start, stop and reset a calculation)
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