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Laboratory Range
Control systems for laboratory bench bioreactor developed for industrial research and development players concerned about the end result of their culture. With a compact design and easy-to-maintain, you can choose between single or double vessel versions, called MINIPRO-LAB™ and PRO-LAB™ respectively.
Pilot & indus range
Pilote & Indus
Our expertise and our solid experience allow us to respond to all types of R&D, laboratory or industrial production projects. We provide turnkey solutions and tailor-made support to our client. The installation control system, based on PLC and SCADA technologies, is designed to offer a high level of automation and safety in biotechnological processes. The operator interface (HMI) efficiently manages and controls your culture data. The formatted data is also available to the user.
other systemes
Autres systèmes
We can provide you the system adapted to your installation in terms of cleaning, distribution, filtration and analysis, for example:
Clean-In-Place station
Sterile distribution system
Filtration system
Gas analyzer
C-Bio 2™
Pilote & Indus
C-BIO 2™ is software designed and developed by GPC;
created by biotechnology specialists, it is efficient, reliable and intuitive. Even if our hardware and software standards are established, we will be able to meet your own specifications in terms of measuring instruments, PLCs or supervisors.