Other systems
  • Clean-In-Place station
  • Sterile distribution system
  • Filtration system
  • Gas analyzer
  • T-BIO
Our expertise and our solid experience allow us to respond to all types of R&D, laboratory or industrial production projects. We provide turnkey solutions and tailor-made support to our client. The installation's control system, based on PLC and SCADA technologies, is designed to offer a high level of automation and safety in biotechnological processes. The operator interface (HMI) efficiently manages and controls your culture data. The formatted data is also available to the user.
Cleaning station in place
Cleaning in place is an essential part of the production system because hygiene plays a fundamental role in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Effective and controlled cleaning and/or sterilization of treatment equipment is essential in this respect. This system is used in vessels and any other equipment used in the treatment of liquids. Beyond the savings made in manual maintenance, the system optimizes the use of resources. The use of heating, cleaning agents and water is limited, while the generation of waste water is minimized.
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Sterile distribution system
The purpose of this device is to be able to distribute a solution (culture medium, buffer, cell suspension, etc.) in an automated way by weighing. A sequence of openings and closings of pinch valves accompanied by an injection by piloting a peristaltic pump, or by pressure, will allow the filling of a single-use manifold with bottles or bags.
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Filtration system
These tangential filtration systems are particularly suitable for microfiltration, diafiltration and ultrafiltration in downstream processes. Typical applications are the purification of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. Tangential filtration systems are suitable for use in GMP environments for process development, clinical trials and small scale production batches.
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Gas analyzer
The gas analyzer offers you complete O2/CO2 measurement systems at a price similar to your other standard sensors. What used to be expensive hardware can now be affordable and can give you dedicated, individual online control of your processes. You gain reliability and flexibility.
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This box makes it possible to automate the control of the temperature via a heating blanket (in silicone) for the bioreactor used. Data recording is possible by various equipment on the market.
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